Authentic Attire for Rendezvous Women

Women’s apparel, during the Fur Trade era, was simple and practical.

Appearing in the 1700’s, as a staple wardrobe item, the CHEMISE was worn during the day as an undergarment and doubled at night as a nightgown. The neck and sleeves of the chemise had drawstrings which allowed for adjustment in size and comfort.  Colors were usually white or natural and the fabric was typically a cotton muslin.

The chemise was topped with an ENGLISH BODICE and SKIRT during the day.

The ensemble was further adorned with a MOP HAT, MODESTY PIECE at the neck, and APRON when the woman performed her chores.

women2 women6
CLOTH DRESSES were also introduced to the Plains Indian Women with the westward movement of the fur trade.women3
Women also wore MOCCASINS and CAPOTES.moccasins2capote2

Visitors to The Bear Lake Rendezvous who choose to come in authentic dress will gain free admission!  Gate fees for all other guests are $3.00 per person, per day. Lodgers in the Primitive camp and Traders must adhere to authentic dress requirements.  We want everyone to enjoy the Rendezvous!  If you have any questions about authentic wear, please contact Kash Johnson

Telephone: 801-452-1518
Mail:  Bear Lake Rendezevous, P.O. Box 44, Woodruff, UT   84086

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