Many different styles of lodging were used by the mountain man but most of it was quick to setup and easy to move. The replica shelters that we use today are usually made of heavy canvas, and some are even coated with a fire resistant material. There are many affordable ways to create your own authentic shelter. Here are some of the more common styles used during the mountain man era.

Lean-To Sheltertent6

          This shelter can be easily created using a single large piece of canvas such as a painterʼs tarp or several smaller pieces stitched together.

Open A-Frametent5

          This shelter can also be created using a single large piece of canvas, or several pieces sewn together. Cloth loops, or re-enforced holes need to be added to the edges of the canvas so that it can be staked down. A wooden pole is placed at each end, and can be stabilized by a support rope staked in front and back , or by a ridge pole running between the two upright poles.

Closed A-Frame or Wedge Tenttent4

          This shelter is very similar to the open A-frame, but it has flaps added to the front and back. It adds more privacy and warmth. Adding ties to the flaps so that it may be secured to the upright poles, cuts back on the wind blowing through.

Converted A-Frame

tent3          For warmer evenings, two additional poles can lift the side of the closed A-frame up.  This creates a small awning. If the wind picks up simply lower the side again.

Plow Point Wedge

          This shelter is made from a single square piece of canvas. The canvas is staked out on three corners and then the forth corner is lifted, and tied to a pole or near by tree. Often a second pole is used inside to push the center of the square up. A more effective way of doing this is to add a loop of fabric or a tie on the outside, in the center of the square and to tie it to a ridge pole or tree.  This shelter is also known as a diamond shelter. It can be tent2configured in several ways depending on how many poles you wish to use, or where there are near by trees to attach it to. It can also be made into a simple Lean-To, or an Open A-Frame. The primary features of a diamond shelter are its square shape, ability to be tied or staked on all four corners, and a tie directly in the center of the square. You can purchase versions of this shelter with ties all along the four edges, which make it more versatile. It is a rather inexpensive shelter to buy pre-made, but can also be made easily out of a piece of heavy canvas.

          The Bear Lake Rendevous is an event spread out over several days with opportunity to witness many and varied activities and demonstrations.  For those able to stay the entire event there is camping space available.  In addition to primitive camping, we provide plenty of wide open and flat range for trailers or RVs.  We encourage mountain man enthusiasts and their families to make their rendezvous campsite a home base to relish the richness that is Rich County, participate in water sport on the lake, hike in the pristine beauty of nature and take advantage of the many amenities provided by our surrounding communities.  Reservations may be made now at http://www.bearlakerendezvous.com

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